Rules of the (Dog) House
  1. All dogs must have a sturdy collar when dropped off. This is for their safety, as well as ours.

  2. All dogs must have an up-to-date shot record.  No record, no boarding. No exceptions.

  3. Pick ups and drop offs are mutually determined. I will be as accommodating as possible.

  4. Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday 8 am to 5 pm. Sunday: 8 am to 11 am.  We do not do pickups after 11 am on Sundays—no exceptions.  You can pick up on Mondays before noon and not be charged for Monday.

  5. Food for boarders must be provided by the owner.  This cuts down on the stress for the dog by not changing their diet.  Food must be in zip lock bags with name on the bag.  You will be provided a feeding instruction form during the consultation. Bring this with you on drop off day. Do not drop off 50 pound bags of dog food---we do not have the room for this method.

  6. Medications: No shots administered. Basic pills will be given to pets up to 3X/day.

  7. Owners may call to check up on pets

Small print deal breakers

  1. Being late for a drop off or pick up with out a phone call to let me know is a deal breaker.  We will not do business again. My time is just as valuable as yours.  I understand traffic and unexpected delays…but unless calls are made if you're going to be late, we probably shouldn't do business.

Very important! Read carefully

  1. Since this is a small facility, you will be charged for the number of days you reserve.  If you come back from vacation early, you will still be charged for the number of days you reserved. I require 72 hours notice on cancellations. Cash or checks, no credit cards. Checks should be made out to "David Burd."